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SUN POWER - with rising electricity prices and ever-increasing constraints on the national electricity grid, renewable energy is becoming much more viable. Koukab is proud to offer end to end consulting services to commercial and industrial clients looking to harness the boundless energy of the sun using Photovoltaic Systems. Contact us for an obligation free consultation. MORE INFORMATION


Design and project managing electricity supply to 1 571 informal dwellings

From the Director of Koukab

"Koukab's flagship project is not the one which provided us the biggest technical challenge , nor is it the most lucrative one – We are most proud of that project through which we made a direct contribution to the lives of many underprivileged South Africans – Electrification of 1571 households in the informal settlements of Philippi"

One of the biggest challenges facing the IPP is Grid Access, i.e. obtaining a connection to the national electricity grid. Due to the big demand on Eskom's resources for this infrastructure, Eskom's MV and HV self-build policies allows developers to construct the interconnection infrastructure themselves to Eskom's specifications, using Eskom-approved consultants and contractors. Koukab is an Eskom-approved consultancy for the design of Medium and High Voltage infrastructure. More...